Sausalito Clinics

Current Clinics Offered

NEW! We are now offering Clinics in the city of Sausalito!

Beginner Pickleball 101

Learn how to play the game everyone is talking about and meet others just like you in the community!

You will learn:

Game Overview, Introduction to Dinking, Basic Court Skills, Basic Shot Techniques, How To Keep Score, Serving & Returning The Ball

Beginner Pickleball Clinic 101| Mondays | 6:00p - 7:15p Begins Feb 27| MLK Gym

Beginner Pickleball Clinic 101| Thursdays |10:00a - 11:15 Begins March 2| MLK Gym

Beginner Pickleball Clinic 101| Thursdays |11:15a - 12:30p Begins March 2| MLK Gym 

Advanced Beginner Pickleball 102 (Pickleball 101 is a prerequisite) 

102 will dig deeper into the concepts you learned in 101 and further advance your consistency and strategy of the game.

Advanced Beginner Pickleball 102 | Mondays | 7:15p - 8:30p Begins Feb 27| MLK Gym

Advanced Beginner Pickleball 102 | Wednesdays | 10:00a - 11:15a Begins March 1| MLK Gym

Intermediate Pickleball 201

This is for players who have been playing for a minimum of 3 months and see themselves as a 2.0/2.5 level player.

You will learn:

Better Dinking Techniques, Drops Shots, Concept of Resetting the Ball, Transitioning with a Purpose and more!

The 201 is the first Clinic of a series of Clinics. We will next offer Clinic 202, 203 and so on so you can progress in your game!

Intermediate Pickleball 201| Wednesdays | 11:15a - 12:30p Begins March 1| MLK Gym

Pickleball Organized PPR Certified Coach, Karla will be teaching these clinics!

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